Map Of The Soul : 7 (ランダムバージョン) CD

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発売日:2020/02/26 / ジャンル:WORLD/REGGAE / フォーマット:CD / 構成数:1 / 製造国:韓国盤 / レーベル:Dreamus / SKU:8809440339532 / 規格品番:BHK1122

After introducing fans to the fresh sounds and heady concepts of a new era with Map of the Soul: Persona, K-pop boy band BTS expand on that vision with their sleek and polished seventh full-length, Map of the Soul: 7. Through the lenses of fame and relationships, the group embark on a psycho-emotional journey that explores ideas of identity and self, using Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jungs concepts as a backbone. Backed by impeccable production from a team of familiar faces (including Hitman, Hiss Noise, and P-Dogg), they transform contemporary trends from the worlds of hip-hop, pop, and dance into a fittingly unique BTS experience. Highlights from their 2019 EP set the stage, as leader/rapper RM gets existential with Intro: Persona, using Jungs persona archetype (which represents how we present ourselves to the world) to ponder Who the hell am I? The Halsey collaboration Boy with Luv and the Ed Sheeran-penned Make It Right also appear, before booming dance number Dionysus makes way for over a dozen previously unreleased tracks. Opening the standout middle stretch, Suga tackles the dark side of Jungian concepts with Interlude: Shadow, an intense rap flurry that samples Intro: O!RUL8,2? as the rapper lists his deepest desires for fame and glory. Smoothing out with the sexy Black Swan and Filter, Map of the Soul: 7 reaches a peak with the haunting highlight Louder Than Bombs, co-penned by Troye Sivan and Allie X. From there, the defiant anthem ON stacks a horn section atop a drumline and a choir for a booming effect that is further elevated by a bonus Sia version on the digital version of the album. For fans of the boys aggressive rap cyphers, the raucous UGH! pummels hard, incorporating gunshots and menace on the sets most unhinged moment. Like Love Yourself: Answer, Map of the Soul: 7 closes with an uplifting, emotionally satisfying run that plays on sentiment and optimism. They reach a peak on We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal, a triumphant, electro-tinged declaration of love to their ARMY fan base. Singing We were only seven/But we have you all now, the septet acknowledge that BTS is more than just themselves, a direct nod to the massive international following that helped make them one of the biggest global names in music. In just a few short years, BTS have evolved from mischievous K-pop underdogs to genre-blurring kings of stadium pop. With each album, they continue on the path of self-discovery and maturity, pulling off yet another effortless display of pop prowess without forgetting the fans who have helped them along the way. ~ Neil Z. Yeung
BTS、韓国アルバム『MAP OF THE SOUL : 7』をリリース。
2019年4月発表の韓国アルバム『MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA』以来、約10ヶ月振りとなる作品。収録曲には、先行公開曲"Black Swan"とカムバックトレーラーとして披露した"Interlude : Shadow"、"Outro : Ego"をはじめ、タイトル曲"ON"、"Filter"、"時差"、"Louder than bombs"、"UGH!"、"00:00 (Zero O'Clock)"、"Inner Child"、"友達"、"Moon"、"Respect"、"We are Bulletproof : the Eternal"と、前作『Map of The Soul:Persona 』に収録されている"Intro:Persona"、"小さなものたちのための詩(Boy With Luv) feat. Halsey"、"Make It Right"、"Jamais Vu"、"Dionysus"など全19トラックを収録。

カバー(4種/ヴァージョン別/223x295x24mm)、36Pフォトブック(ヴァージョン別/205x277mm)、CD(ヴァージョン別)、52Pリリックブック(ヴァージョン別/140x185mm)、20Pミニブック(花様年華 The Notes/ヴァージョン別/90x120mm)、フォトカード1枚(8種のうちランダム1種/ヴァージョン別/54x86mm)、ポストカード1枚(ヴァージョン共通/120x80mm)、ステッカー1枚(ヴァージョン共通/160x240mm)、カラーリング・ペーパー(ヴァージョン別/140x185mm)付き。
発売・販売元 提供資料(2020/02/17)
・構成数 | 1

・合計収録時間 | 01:10:55


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