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発売日:2019/11/15 / ジャンル:ROCK/POP / フォーマット:CD / 構成数:1 / 製造国:International Version / レーベル:Island US / SKU:602508363238 / 規格品番:0836323


2013年、不死鳥の如く奇跡の復活を遂げ、『セイヴ・ロックンロール ‐FOBのロックンロール宣言!』、『アメリカン・ビューティー/アメリカン・サイコ』、『マニア』と3作連続全米アルバム・チャート1位を獲得したフォール・アウト・ボーイの数々のヒット曲に新曲2曲を加えたベスト・アルバム!
フォール・アウト・ボーイのヴォーカル:パトリック・スタンプは、DJ/トラックメーカー/プロデューサーのマーティン・ギャリックスとのコラボや、MAN WITH A MISSIONの楽曲「86 Missed Calls feat. Patrick Stump」への参加など、ジャンルや国籍を問わず様々なアーティストと共作やコラボレーションを行っている。

発売・販売元 提供資料(2019/10/28)
At one point in time, Fall Out Boy were kings of emo-adjacent pop punk, part of a long lineage of Warped Tour headliners who spoke to the eyeliner-and-tight-shirt masses. Along the way, they grew up, started families, and devoted more energy to feeling good instead of whining about slighted hearts. On their second hits collection, Believers Never Die: The Greatest Hits, Vol. 2, the band showcase this second-era, jock jams phase, culling singles from albums Save Rock and Roll (2013), American Beauty/American Psycho (2015), and Mania (2018). Non-album collaborations also make the cut, emphasizing their genre-spanning proclivities with guests Lil Peep and iLoveMakonnen (Ive Been Waiting) and Wyclef Jean (Dear Future Self [Hands Up]). While the first volume featured 2000s genre classics like the multi-platinum Sugar, Were Goin Down, Dance, Dance, and This Aint a Scene, Its an Arms Race, Vol. 2 really drives the point home that Fall Out Boy changed into a much bigger beast in the 2010s. From the Warped stage to packed stadiums, their style shifted further -- for better or worse -- to energized, fist-pumping, foot-stomping anthems that borrowed more from dance pop, new wave, and arena rock than the pop punk of their early years. Fully edging into the mainstream with radio hits My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark, Uma Thurman, and Centuries, Fall Out Boy climbed higher up the charts and received more platinum certifications. In a move that would have baffled early emo fans, their songs also joined We Will Rock You and Rock and Roll Part 2 in the rousing sports-spectator canon, confirming them as the Imagine Dragons or Maroon 5 of the Hot Topic universe. No doubt, these tracks are tailor-made to excite and inspire, leaving the emo-dramatics, punk riffs, and overly clever lyrics in the past in favor of powerful singalongs and energetic fun. Believers Never Die: The Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 serves as a testament to evolution in Fall Out Boys second decade together, demonstrating that a band can switch it up without losing steam or an audience. ~ Neil Z. Yeung
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・合計収録時間 | 00:44:56


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