Love Yourself 轉 ’Tear’: BTS Vol.3 (ランダムバージョン) CD

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発売日:2018/05/22 / ジャンル:WORLD/REGGAE / フォーマット:CD / 構成数:1 / 製造国:韓国盤 / レーベル:iriver / SKU:8809440338092 / 規格品番:BHK1007

BTS(防弾少年団)が韓国3枚目のフル・アルバムをリリース!本作は、2017年11月『MIC Drop』リミックス・ヴァージョンを発表後、約6ヶ月振りのカムバックとなり韓国としては2018年初めての活動となる。2017年9月に発売した『LOVE YOURSELF 承"Her"』以来約8ヶ月振りとなる本作は、「LOVE YOURSELF」シリーズの2作目で、「花様年華」の青春2部作、誘惑をテーマにした「WINGS」と「WINGS外伝」に次ぐ新しいストーリー作品。カムバック・トレーラーとして公開された"Singularity"をはじめ"FAKE LOVE"、"Airplane pt.2"、"Anpanman"など全11トラック収録。特に、"MIC Drop"のリミックス曲を制作したSteve Aokiがフィーチャリングされた"伝えられなかった本心"と、メンバーのJ-HOPEのミックス・テープの収録曲"Airplane"の延長線上にある曲"Airplane pt.2"なども収録されており、BTSの様々な新しい魅力が詰まった作品となっている。104Pフォトブック(ヴァージョン別/139x204x9mm)、CD(ヴァージョン別)、20Pミニブック(花様年華The Notes/ヴァージョン別/90x127mm)、フォトカード1枚(全28種/ヴァージョン別/各7種のうちランダム1種/54x86mm)、スタンディング・フォト1種(ヴァージョン共通/170x116mm)付き。
発売・販売元 提供資料(2018/05/14)
Rolling Stone - 3.5 stars out of 5 -- "Throughout it all, the members of BTS affect melodic sincerity, singing with intensity and melisma, rapping in tones that show their effort and strain, as if caring never went out of style." Spin - "On 'Singularity,' the album's introduction, singer V slinks in with a quiet confidence that sets the tone for the rest of the record. His rich, expressive voice blooms and lingers, like the smoke rising from a candle after it goes out." Billboard - "The album's kaleidoscopic genre-hopping is exemplified by the emo-inflected lead single, 'Fake Love' --- which is not so much a departure as an addendum to the septet's sound." Pitchfork (Website) - "The latest album from the masters of the K-pop formula is a slick, loosely thematic album about love and loss, with a stronger emphasis on rapping than ever before."
Just a month after issuing their Japanese-language Face Yourself, K-pop boy band BTS issued their third official full-length, Love Yourself: Tear (Bighit Entertainment). Capturing contemporary pop trends, Tear employed tropical house, sleek synth atmospherics, and smooth R&B-inspired singing that was relatively more subdued -- for BTS -- than their prior output. Even the Steve Aoki collaboration "The Truth Untold" traded that DJ's trademark bombast in favor of a sweeping, piano-driven ballad of sorts, more fit for waving lighters (or mobile phones) in an arena than bringing the house down with big drops. "134310" infuses a hip-hop lounge vibe with a jaunty flute sample, while the sleek electronics of the MNEK-assisted "Paradise" slide and glide. "So What" is the closest the boys come to anything as rousing as "Not Today" or "Fire," but the track leans more toward pure rave bliss than boot-stomping aggression. Stylish and yearning, Love Yourself: Tear is BTS at a polished and focused peak, cohesive enough to feel like it was conceived in one particular period rather than cobbled together like some of their previous releases. ~ Neil Z. Yeung
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